Urkel Pants?

Let me begin with a note of praise. On Sunday morning I realized that I literally had nothing I could wear to church. In fact I have one dress and two very nice dressy shirts which I’m sure I will appreciate in a few weeks, but I had nothing warm enough for that Sunday that I could fit over my burgeoning belly. I ended up just looking very casual at church, which isn’t a big deal to anyone but me.

So Sunday afternoon one of the ladies from church who is also expecting, dropped by with a big rubber maid tub of maternity clothes that had been given to her, and she couldn’t use. So now I actually have more maternity pants I can wear to school than I had non maternity. Plus there were several good cool weather shirts for the next few weeks until Spring fully springs. So I’m praising the Lord for his provision.

But I am having questions about the whole Steve Urkel maternity pants sensation. It’s a little odd, because I am normal not a low rider kind of gal – they have always felt as if they were falling off of me. But now that I’ve got this growing paunch, all of my pants have the waist line only slightly below my bra. I know that as my belly grows that waist line will descend, but right now I would prefer some low riders with a long shirt. life is odd, isn’t it?


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