Daily Archives: March 12, 2007

If You Wanted to Know . . .

We had an ultrasound today, and I’m carrying a very healthy, everything in the right place, little girl. There will be photographic evidence to this posted on Tuesday morning after Jonathan shares the hard copies with his high school Bible class at 8:00 am (I promise. They’re scanned, cropped and ready to post.)

I’m also healthy, and a girl, in case anyone was wondering.


Feeling Pregnant?

Yesterday at church someone asked me if I had reached the point where I felt like I had been pregnant my entire life. I haven’t. I’m not saying it won’t feel like that in the middle of July, but right now it doesn’t.

In fact, truth be told, sometimes I feel like I’m perpetrating an enormous fraud on everyone, including myself. I had reached the point several years ago of assuming that I would never have my own biological child. In fact I had said things like, “Well, genetically, Jonathan and I would probably produce almost blind children, so it’s probably a good thing we’re going to have to adopt.” And while it may have been a little bit of whistling in the dark, it was also what I expected.

So no, rather than feeling like I have been pregnant my whole life, I feel grateful for the experience. I feel included in some big club that had been assumed to be out of my reach. I also feel like this pregnancy is fleeting. I’m already halfway through. And because I have waited so long, and I have no guarantees that I will every experience this again, I am trying to savor and enjoy every second of this rare (for me) experience.