PIctures as Promised

Well, here she is. In all her glory. (And in the case of one of these pictures, not a view of her I hope to ever post here again.) Our little answer to prayer who will be known until her birth as Pomegranate Dorcas Cowan.

Here is her profile. You can see her lips and a little button nose and a tummy.

This is her face. It’s a little blurry, but you can see the eye sockets, and the arms are up by her cheeks. It kind of looks like the painting “The Scream.”

As has been so kindly labeled by the ultrasonographer, this is her foot. It’s amazing how tiny, and yet how complete it is.

And here’s the proof that she’s a she, not a he. You’ll have to click on the picture to enlarge it, but right at the arrow, you can see the three clear lines indicating “girl parts” instead of “boy parts.” The ultrasonographer called this the “diaper shot.” I hope obviously, I’m not going to be posting any more pictures of my daughter from this angle ever again.

Now, I’ve been getting the question, “Is Jonathan disappointed?” a lot. I know he’s a manly man who hunts, and shoots guns and things, but he wasn’t disappointed. At supper he all of a sudden said to me, “Of course, this means I need to get a shot gun.” And his first reaction was, “I have to pay for a wedding. I have to help her find a husband.” But she’ll still be given the chance to go hunting with her Daddy. Disappointed did not enter his mind. Overwhelmed at the responsibility of raising a chaste, Godly girl in today’s society – well that’s a completely different story.


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