Daily Archives: March 15, 2007

It’s the Time of the Season for Sneezing

Well, it’s allergy season, and I have allergies. In the past, this has just meant that I take some Claritin during the day and maybe, in the extreme pollen days, have a little wheezy moment or two, and then the season passes. Maybe I increase my use of nose blowing tissue, but all in all it doesn’t affect my life much.

But as all things when pregnancy is involved, this season is different.

First, I can’t take Claritin. My doctor will allow me to take Pseudoephedrine only. I once got high on this particular decongestant (purely accidentally but it was not a pleasant experience in the least) and haven’t used it since. Also, because it is a component in the manufacture of Crystal Meth, it is now harder to purchase than cigarettes, alcohol, and fireworks. I can only purchase 10 pills at a time, and I have to request them from the pharmacist, and sign for them each time. It actually took me less time to purchase controlled pain medication after minor surgery last year.

Secondly, I have a small nose problem. Anything coming out of a nose makes me gag at any time (I know, I know, just wait for mother hood), and blowing my nose has always made me gag. The problem is that right now my gag reflex is a lot closer to the surface anyway, so rather than just a little gag, I tend to heave when I blow. It’s not pleasant.

All of that being said, I am still enjoying being pregnant. Little Pomegranate is an active little thing, and doesn’t seem to be affected by allergies at all. She moves around, and I never really know where I’m going to feel the movement until I feel it. She seems to like to hear her Daddy’s voice, because she moves a lot when I’m cuddled up to Jonathan and he’s talking. He hasn’t felt it yet, but I’m sure the day is coming.

We’re getting used to calling her “her”, and have even shifted gears enough to begin looking at girl names. Neither of us had actually considered the fact that she would be a she, but we’re getting used to the idea, and my aunt sent us the following comment on being a girl with a manly daddy:

girls can go hunting, here’s one who has helped skin out a few moose and deer along the way. I never shot one but only because Dad was carrying the bigger rifle. Probably in those days his 30-30 while is had a 22.. I wasn’t a bad shot though, once I shot a chicken that a hawk was flying away with. Of course, I was aiming for the flying hawk!