Daily Archives: March 16, 2007

Rain, Rain, God’s Grace

It has rained all night, and the pollen in the air is so saturated with water, it is now all over cars and buildings, and not inside my sinuses! Thank you Lord for spring rains that water the earth, and reduce the pollen count at the same time.

Weight [Wait] Exercise [Excorsise]

I had been so proud of myself. Which, as anyone raised in Western culture knows, goes before destruction. It’s not destruction so much in my case, but it certainly is a fall of pride. Let me explain:

I am still throwing up every morning. And yes, that is relevant to this discussion, because there are still a lot of times that nothing tastes right. Plenty of times I have made Jonathan a large, protein and vegetable laden meal, then looked at it on his plate, and thought “Ugh.” So I’ve had an apple, or a bagel or something. The point is, I’m eating less than I did before I got pregnant. And I was really proud of it. I was proud that my pre-pregnancy pants still fit me in the thighs and behind, and my fingers aren’t all puffy.

So that’s why it was so frustrating to have the nurse at my doctor’s office tell me to cut down on my sweet foods. I’m not eating that many sweet foods. Yet apparently I am gaining too much weight.

13 pounds since December. I didn’t think that was so bad, but after calling a couple of people for second opinions (people who love me, and aren’t going to say “Well you just look like a pear shaped tub o’ lard.”) it would appear to be too high for half way through a pregnancy. My mother recommended walking daily, which is a great idea, except walking amongst the pollen makes me miserably sneezy, so I consulted “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” It recommends walking, swimming, and riding a stationary bicycle as good pregnancy exercise. Swimming isn’t practical because we don’t have regular access to a pool, (and what woman who has just been told she too fat for a pregnant woman wants to put on a bathing suit and swim in public? Not this one!)

But as God’s Sovereignty would dictate, Jonathan had just found a fantastic deal on a stationary bicycle at K-Mart and, with much muttering and gnashing of teeth, had assembled it in our living room. So the bike it is. Exercising for the sake of my daughter, and my delivery. And exorcising my pride at the same time.