Great Idea, Great Attitude

In these litigious times, it is really nice to hear about someone who comes up with a solution, instead of blaming someone with deep pockets and looking for a payday.

Fox and Friends this morning had a guest who was talking about kids dying from being hit in the chest with balls and bats when playing baseball. New York state has moved to ban aluminum bats, and she was saying that it wasn’t enough.

“Oh great,” I thought, “Another ‘safety-mom’ who is going to advocate that baseball be banned from schools and public parks.” But I was wrong. This woman wanted her children to continue playing ball. She just wanted them to do so safely. So she came up with a heart shield to help them do just that. She has a line of just the Heart-Gards, or you can purchase them sewn into a shirt.

I was so impressed that this is someone who didn’t say “Someone should do something.” She didn’t organize a march on Washington, or city hall. She isn’t testifying before some congressional committee for things that aren’t congress’ business. Instead, she came up with a solution that can keep the fun in sports, while protecting the kids who are playing. I think she deserves a round of applause!

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