Daily Archives: March 20, 2007

Maybe I Should Call it Philosophy

The elementary science students are studying for a test on the abiotic factors of an ecosystem. One of the water cycle questions is: “Why does it rain?” The answer is: “The clouds get too heavy with water and it falls as rain.” One of the students answered “Because the ground and plants and animals get thirsty.” Well, yes. . .


Landmark event

Yesterday I saw an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in quite awhile, and she didn’t know I was pregnant. I really didn’t think about it, until I noticed her glancing at my middle bulge. at the end of the conversation, she asked “so, when are you due?” but her tone of voice said “Please let me not be asking a super rude question.”

She relaxed a great deal when I said “August 5th” and told her we had just found out we were expecting a girl. It was the first time someone who didn’t already know I was pregnant, commented on it. Yay!

I’m also really liking this bringing presents to the baby thing that’s happening. We’ve been given a little pink hat, a cute Christmas outfit (never too early to plan) board books, a door knob pillow for the nursery. It’s like having an ongoing birthday for weeks and weeks. Such fun.