Because I Love Family, That’s Why

Last year for Spring Break we left a rainy central Georgia for sunny Florida, and came home with a Spring Break sunburn. This year, we’re going to leave sunny, warm, central Georgia for cold, rainy/snowy/sleety Atlantic Canada to see my sister and her husband and kids.

Yesterday evening at 6:30 it was 80 degrees where I live. Yesterday it was 28 degrees and snowing where she lives. It’s not exactly the stereotypical Spring Break, but I get to meet my newest niece for the first time, and play with the two nephews and the other niece. So no sunburn this year. I think it’ll still be a good break.


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3 responses to “Because I Love Family, That’s Why

  • jul

    I’m probably one of the only people reading this who is experiencing jealousy. Have a great time!

  • Coastal

    Someday I ought to get out to see our other coast.

  • Coastal

    Now that I think of it, I’m in the Kootenays now, where the snow is melting, with family, and we’ll be passing through the Okanagan again soon to meet up with friends as close as family (including the Goddess and Badger).

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