Daily Archives: March 22, 2007

Inquiring Husbands Want to Know

Well, a completely heretofore unprecedented event has taken place. I was engaged in a conversation with my husband, and he said “You should blog about that.” Usually when we get into weird conversations, he says “This had better not show up on your blog!” Of course in this case I’M the one looking weird, not my handsome hubby, so maybe that’s why he’s okay with it.
Regardless, here’s the gist of the conversation. I was complaining that I had thought a pregnancy stomach would look a lot like this:

Unfortunately, mine looks more like this (minus the hair, Praise the Lord): So Jonathan’s question was: are other pregnant women disappointed with their pregnancy stomachs or is he just married to a psycho-weirdo-lunatic? (My words not his, and these are probably not mutually exclusive ideas.)


In looking over my labels I just realized something: I now have more posts on pregnancy than on miscarriage and infertility combined. Praise the Lord for un-earned blessings.

Will Whoever has the Remote, Please Remove the Batteries!

I am a vivid dreamer. I dream in color and in story lines, and frequently I can semi-control the out come of dreams. I have often gone to sleep thinking through something I am writing, and woken the next morning with the solution, or a new direction, from my dreams. Nightmares are infrequent and brief. I can usually wake from them quickly, and if I get up and go to the bathroom or something like that before going back to sleep, they don’t return. All in all, my dreams are usually something I look forward to.

But lately I had begun to think I was loosing my mind. My dreams during pregnancy have become far more confused, less vivid, and more jumbled. Last night it felt as if someone had a remote control for my dreams and kept changing the channel. Even when I woke up, my thoughts were jumbled through my shower, and jumped around like a flea on crack. Trying to force myself into a little discipline, I was suddenly struck by the (irrational, I know) fear that I was developing adult ADD and I would slowly loose control on all rational thought.

So imagine my delight to read on several websites that pregnant women dream more frequently and more intensely. Because I already dream frequently, and intensely, this is resulting in the “channel surfing” dreams I’ve been having. I feel so much better. It doesn’t make me feel any more rested, but it does alleviate the fears of loosing control of my faculties just as I become responsible for another human life.