Daily Archives: March 27, 2007

Big Kudos

I just want to say big kudos to the students at Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY who greeted homosexual protesters on their campus with water, rather than hatred and counter protests.

This is the gospel in action folks! And it is proof that Seminary doesn’t always suck the ministry out of the students.

More pictures can be found here.


It Made Me Cry

My husband was once a youth pastor. It was an exciting nine years in our married life and we look back on it with fondness – well, except the lock-ins.

This week we received news from three girls in our last youth group. All three are considering a career in international missions. One is a pre-med biology major who has just added a second major in French to allow her the opportunity to serve in a medical capacity in Africa. Her sister is a senior in high school this year. She is considering a double major in ESL instruction and Spanish to enable her to minister in South America. This summer she is embarking on her third summer missions trip to Costa Rica. The final girl is taking a missions trip to Kosovo this summer, and is considering whether or not the Lord is calling her to full time missions after college.

We first knew these girls as awkward middle-school girls who were boy crazy (well, except the Costa Rica girl, she was man crazy) and giggly and self-conscious. We watched them grow up in the Lord, and to begin to take scripture and their faith seriously, and now they are young women pursuing a cross-centered path for their lives! It is a beautiful, and humbling thing, to know that the Lord let us be a tiny part of the journey.

Today, I got an e-mail from the Kosovo girl. She included this prayer, which made me cry:

I pray that you would bring a healthy baby girl into this world. I believe you’ve blessed this child with wonderful God fearing parents that have taught me so much. Bring salvation to this child as early as possible. I pray that your joy, peace, and love would flow from this life.
In Jesus Name,