Less Than 100 Days

Oh my goodness! We’re at less than 100 days until Pomegranate’s due date! I don’t know where people get this “It will feel like forever!” idea. I’m feeling a little rushed. I’m tempted to apply for an extension – do you think she’ll give me one?

Sometimes It’s Just Better Not To Ask

This morning as I was getting dressed for church, Jonathan asked if I had thrown up today, and we launched into a great discussion about how awesome it was that I hadn’t thrown up since last Saturday! I continued getting dressed, and sat on the couch to wait for my husband.

Suddenly there were four very strong kicks at the top of my tummy, and I started to feel a little woozy. Then I was feeling a little more woozy. Then I threw up all of my breakfast. Prodigiously. In Technicolor. I did make it to the bathroom (yay) but Jonathan had to walk away because if he didn’t there would have been two of us throwing up.

So I have only two conclusions from this. The first is that it does no good to celebrate not throwing up, because every time I do, I end up throwing up. The second is that Pomegranate knew that I was about to lose my breakfast and she tried to warn me. This has to be my second conclusion because the only alternative is that she just reached up and kicked my breakfast back up, and as her mother, I have no desire to think of my baby girl viciously forcing me to vomit.

Like the Bumper Cars Without the Whiplash

Well, my pregnant belly has begun to rule my life. I can’t bend over properly to pick anything up. I have to plan how I’m going to close a car door before I get properly seated, and today I leaned forward to see what my veggie choices were at Subway, and I bumped into the plexi-glass with my tummy. At the Fine Arts Festival on Friday I kept bumping it into ladies’ purses, and twice I accidentally brushed it up against a total stranger’s back. That’s just embarrassing right there.
The other issue I’m having is that as I get bigger, my shirts are getting amazingly shorter. I’m spending a lot of my time nervously tugging my shirts down over my stretch-marked bulge. And I still have several months to go. I’ll only get bigger. I may need to carry around yellow caution cones by the end of June.

Safe Return

Well, some may have been about to send out a search party for me after TWO WHOLE DAYS of no posting 🙂 but I’m back now, no need to send out the St. Bernard’s.

Thursday we took our student to the Georgia Renaissance Festival (in the rain) which was not designed for pregnant women. I had a good time, but there just weren’t enough places for a gal to take an over-sized load off her feet. But the kids and the rest of the teachers left the area around 1:30 in order to get back to the school for parents to pick their kids up, and that left me and my friend Terri with an entire evening to ourselves before judging the GACS elementary fine arts competition on Friday.

If I had been scheduled to have an evening by myself, I would have brought my computer with me and spent the evening blogging and e-mailing until my eyes turned square, but I don’t get very many evenings with just Terri, so the computer stayed home.

Yesterday we judged 27 individual poetry recitations, followed by 12 individual patriotic recitations. I was very impressed with the over all quality and poise of the elementary students we saw, but after a while they all began to run together. One does stand out, however. A fifth grader brought forward her papers and announced that she was going to recite “The Owl Critic.

It just so happens that when I was in the sixth or seventh grade, I recited “The Owl Critic” in competition, and received a trophy for it. It was so cool to see another student enjoying the same work.

So now I’m home, and doing my Saturday chores, which include blogging while the washing machine does my laundry for me. 🙂

Loose End Updates

I need to tie up some loose ends.

First: there is in fact no photographic evidence of my presence at the Spring Fling. This is primarily because all the cameras were pointed at the pretty young students, and who wants to remember that your teachers where at your spring formal? It is also because my husband has a fantastic super power level ability to avoid photographs. It’s like Spiderman’s spidey sense. He can sense a shutter about to click (even a digital one) and duck for cover faster than you can say “Duck and cover.” Sorry. But trust me, he looked GOOD!

Second: I haven’t posted about puking for a while, but I’ve had a couple of questions on my gastronomic discomfort. It seems to have slowed way down. I only puked once while visiting my sister on Spring break, and only three times since I’ve been back. So that’s all good. It’s making pregnancy even easier to enjoy.

Finally: We will be doing one final ultrasound. It will be one of the high definition “4-D” ultrasounds and we will be posting those pictures here. The appointment is May 14, so expect those pictures later that evening, or the next morning. I will also post another “disappearing doorknob” picture at the same time because that will be four weeks since the last one. You may need to set your screen resolution to the widest setting to capture all of it. 🙂

Works For Me: Working With a Realtor

I thought that for this week’s Work For Me I would share a little bit from my experience as a Realtor. Here are some good reasons to work with a professional Realtor when buying or selling a house.

  1. Unlike car salesmen, when you work with a Realtor you get exposed to all of the houses on the market, or all of the buyers in the market. When selling it increases your visibility and when buying it lets you know what’s out there without all the tedious driving through neighborhoods looking for signs.
  2. A Realtor knows what needs to be done to protect you. Despite the stereotypes of salesmen, a Realtor’s job is to protect his/her client. From the contracts they use, to the procedures they follow, you are protected when you use a Realtor.
  3. If you’re buying, consider this: it costs you nothing to use a Realtor, and it could cost you a great deal not to. Not only the cost of driving around aimlessly seeking out signs, and purchasing newspapers looking at ads, but Realtors know what inspections you need, what a fair price is for a home and can negotiate without being emotionally involved.
  4. If you’re selling, consider this: listed houses tend to sell sooner, and fetch a higher price. Also, calculate the cost of advertising into your equations. Advertising and marketing are what Realtors get paid to do.
  5. And keep this in mind: a Realtor works for you. You can fire him/her at any time. So shop for a Realtor like you’d shop for a doctor or a mechanic. Work with the one that fits your personality and personal goals. If you feel like you’re being sold a “bill of goods”, move on.

I honestly believe that most consumers are better off represented in the real estate market, which is why I keep my real estate license, and maintain my standing as a Realtor.

For more helpful tips, visit Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer every Wednesday for lots of helpful “Works for Me” things.

How Things Change

Before I got pregnant the three books that could always be found beside my couch were: Sudoku, Logic Puzzles, and whatever novel I was reading at the time.The three books beside my couch right now: What to Expect When You’re Expecting, The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers and 60,000 Baby Names. I’m still reading novels, but the current novel has been relegated to the back of the toilet because a warm bath goes a long way every night to soothe sore back and stomach muscles.My how things change.