Good to Be Home

It was a fantastic trip, and a real treat, but it is also nice to be home. Just don’t drop by for a visit today. My living room looks like my car exploded into it, which it sort of did. I have a bassinet, baby bath tub, baby swing, box of hand me down baby clothes, and several baby blankets sitting in the middle of my living room floor waiting for me to clear them a home. This is called the over flow of blessing, and I am thrilled to be experiencing it. I just don’t want to share the visual of the over abundance with a guest right now 🙂

So I’m going to be spending the next few weeks preparing a nursery.

Pomegranate has been extremely active lately. Twice while at my sister’s I had to change my sitting position because she was kicking away at the bottom of my tummy. Last night she kicked Jonathan’s hand, which was the best present she could have ever given him. I’m sure that one day she’ll get a spanking for kicking her father, but right now it’s a beautiful blessing.

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5 responses to “Good to Be Home

  • scribbit

    Nothing like a solid kick to the bladder to make you panic 🙂

  • Viscountess

    My brother-in-law calls it “speedbagging the bladder”. So far she isn’t strong enough to cause any real panic, but I can tell I don’t have long.

  • Coastal

    Here’s a challenge for you. If you haven’t already cleared things out, clean up as little as you can stand, then invite someone over while it’s still a mess. Have tea while the mess is there. Or let someone help you sort through it.
    Once your little kickball champion joins you, there’ll be days when you desperately want the company, but you won’t have the time or energy to clean things to your standard.
    I know it’s not easy – it’s why we don’t have much company 🙂 But a little practice in leaving the mess now may be good for your sanity in the fall.

  • Viscountess

    I appreciate that encouragement Coastal. Unfortunately my standards of “tidiness” aren’t very high at the best of times. And it was so messy that I couldn’t actually walk through my living room. Twice I had to step on my Ottoman to get past the stacks of stuff. That’s a little excessive I think. 🙂

  • Coastal

    Sounds like home to me 🙂 (and glad to know you won’t be too hung up on ‘perfection’ around the house)

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