Could Hyper Activity Be In My Future?

Well, after being so highly praised for kicking her father, Pomegranate is doing her best to continue to please. Last night she kicked the remote control off my belly, and today she has been in steady Tae Bo form. I can actually watch the little bow on my shirt bounce as she happily uses my abdomen as her punching bag. It is making me wonder: could hyperactivity be waiting for me on the other end of this pregnancy? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Right now it’s a lot of fun.

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2 responses to “Could Hyper Activity Be In My Future?

  • The Goddess

    When she starts to bruise you, be thankful she’s not hiccupping for hours on end. (She will settle down later when she’s bigger, but the next while may be far from dull)

  • Coastal

    T’s hiccups were never that severe, and they continued for awhile after she came out. As did her kicking – she’s getting pretty good at that lately, whether she’s on my lap or on my hip the legs get going.

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