Maternity Formal Wear

Tomorrow is our school’s Spring Fling, which is our prom with no dancing, no all night un-supervised debauchery and no crepe paper streamers. In other words, everyone gets dressed up, goes out for a nice meal and then we change into real clothes and go do something fun. Two years ago we went bowling, last year we went roller skating, this year we’re having an Airsoft battle. And the fact that both genders agreed to this tells you a lot about the “country” nature of our student body.

So I’m armed for the second half of the night, and I’ve designed a foam “body armor” in order to keep Pomegranate padded and protected for the evening. But it’s the formal dinner part of the evening that’s giving me fits. My friend Zelime has loaned me a long black silk maternity skirt which is fantastic! But what do I wear with it?

I’ve got two problems: shoulders and weather.

I’ve already blogged about my shoulder issues. The bottom line in that means that I only have two shirts that I could wear with the black skirt. One is a long sleeved, wine colored faux suede tunic. It’s beautiful. I really like it. The other is a camel colored short sleeve “fashion tee” with a lace bodice. I like it too.

So it all boils down to weather. It’s supposed to be 77 degrees (25 C) tomorrow. That means it will be too hot for the tunic, and too cold for the tee. And now you appreciate my dilemma. I could either wear the tunic and be warm, or wear the tee and see if I could get a black wrap to wear around my arms.

Theses are the joys of fitting a pregnant belly into formal wear. 🙂


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2 responses to “Maternity Formal Wear

  • Coastal

    Ha! I went to my mother’s wedding a week before my due date! Thankfully mom was feeling industrious and made a dress for me. Too bad I won’t get much wear out of it 😉
    On the plus side, my belly at that point made a good resting spot for my hubby’s beer mug.

  • Viscountess

    Oh that’s such a better story than mine! I still haven’t got to the point of resting things on my belly. I’m sure that time will come.

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