May Day Protest Marches

Alright, stop thinking that I should be working on my homework! I know, I know. But this just couldn’t wait, and frankly, Jonathan and I are sick of yelling at our T.V. over it, so I’m going to bend y’all’s ears (or eyeballs) about it. Today, marking the socialist/communist holiday “May Day“, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants took to the streets demanding the right to continue to flout immigration law.

Now let me explain that I come from a long line of immigrants. My aunt immigrated to Australia in her early twenties. In a convenient trade, her brother (my dad) married my Mom in Australia and brought her back to Canada. My maternal grandfather immigrated to Australia from Scotland as a little boy. My paternal grandmother immigrated to Canada from England as a pre-teen.

Jonathan’s paternal great grandmother immigrated to Canada from England when her daughter (Jonathan’s grandmother) was a young teen. His maternal grandfather immigrated to Canada from the United States. His aunt (his mom’s sister) immigrated back. And now we are resident aliens in the United States, about to give birth to a natural born U.S. citizen.

I believe in legal immigration. Despite the outrageously broken immigration service in this country, we pursued legal permanent residency. It cost thousands of dollars, and took a great many years, and headaches, but we did it legally. I’d scan and post my green card if I wasn’t scared of someone stealing my identity.

But I have a big problem with people who openly, and flagrantly (I know redundant) break the law, and then complain when they suffer less than the consequences of their actions. I have a huge problem with any policy that REWARDS those who break the law, and PENALIZES those who come legally. I have a hard time keeping quiet when I hear rhetoric explaining that the only way into this country is to do so illegally and these people are really victims.

But my biggest problem is when elected officials, who have sworn to uphold the Constitution of these United States, are more prepared to listen to illegal immigrants – who have neither the right to vote, nor the rights guaranteed under the bill of rights – rather than the legal citizens whom they are responsible to represent.

This entire debate is upside down, if you ask me. And if you ask me, I’d encourage all you legal American citizens to contact your elected representatives and let them know just who they have sworn to represent.


You’ve noticed, no doubt, that my posts are shorter, and less frequent. Here’s why: I have a pile of end of year grading sitting on my desk, and a week to get them graded and in the computer, plus I have to write a final exam for my high school English students. So if I’m blogging, I’m not doing school work, and that’s not good. I’ll be back full force after May 11th.

Caution: Obstruction Ahead

This morning I was standing in the bedroom doing something in the way of preparing for the day. Jonathan came in and made some small talk with me – which isn’t out of the ordinary for a school morning – until finally he said, ruefully, “I can’t get past you, and I need to get to my socks.” And so, I have become the impediment that I feared.

In all seriousness, if this pregnancy has taught me anything, it’s that I definitely want to lose my baby weight and then some. My ankles, hips and back are beginning to feel the strain of the extra weight, and I was carrying too much before I began adding baby weight.

Interestingly, I’m still carrying low. I look more pregnant when I walk than when I sit, because most of the baby just sits patiently in my lap. This makes me wonder where exactly she’ll go when she “drops”, as I’ve been told babies do.