Brain . . . On . . . Strike

Oh My Goodness!

I’ve been writing an English exam for my high school students. I wrote 10 analogies and I’m in the process of writing 50 fill in the blank sentences to test their knowledge of the vocabulary we’ve covered this year. The literature portion of the exam was easy, but writing a unique sentence for each of 50 different words that provides adequate context clues is making my brain hurt.

I’m on #30.

And all I can think is “on Monday afternoon I have to GRADE THIS!”

To all of the teachers who have ever attempted to teach me anything I say: “I truly never appreciated how hard exam week was for you. Thank you. I’m sorry.”

Now, here are the 20 remaining words. If you have any ideas, feel free to post them. You know, to help out the poor pregnant woman behind the blog. 🙂

nuance, forthwith, chimerical, embellish, derogatory, terminate, nurture, conjecture, besiege, levity, repress, indict, masticate, raze, declaim, emaciated, perpetuate, peruse, exacerbate, importune, disparate

Update on the Rohkohls

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on our friends the Rohkohls. For details on their story and financial need, click on the Rohkohl link on the top of the side bar.

The Lord has provided the opportunity for Chris to open a business with his father. This means that within a few months, Lord willing, they should have a steady income again. This is such an answer to prayer.Here is the rest of the update in Adrienne’s own words:

About a month ago Doc found 4 herniated disks. Two in his neck and two in his lower back (non-surgical at this point). Even though this has been a (painful) setback we are still amazed at the rate at which he has recovered (thank you Lord!!!. Everything else is healing well except for his eye – still need prayer for that one!! I believe I had mentioned before that he had lost his sense of smell yet it hadn’t altered his taste. Well . . . . he has nearly lost all ability to taste. To quote my dear husband – “He has the rest of his life to get over it” :).It’s wierd but this accident has been a blessing in so many ways. I have never in my life been a witness to so many miraculous doings from the Lord. He has blessed us over and over by providing what we need – right when we need it. If it weren’t for His moving people to give financially we would not have been able to sustain ourselves over the last few months. We are ever so thankful for all that we have been given and look forward to being in a place where we can be of help to others in the same way.

If you’re wondering about the severity of Chris’ original injuries, here are 2 pictures of him the day after the wreck:

Now you can see how miraculous his recovery is.

They still have hospital bills, and a month or two without income, so if the Lord lays it on your heart to help them out, please click on the Paypal button. It goes directly to them, without touching me or anyone else on the way. They are also expecting a baby, due at the end of May.

Works For Me: A Creative Gift Idea

This week’s Works For Me Wednesday has a theme. It is the birthday edition. I can’t take credit for this idea, but it is one that I filed away in the back of my brain when I heard it, my sister also thought it was a good idea, and now I share it with you.
Everyone’s been through the annual birthday/Christmas present melt-down, when eventually the child(ren) reach critical mass, and all gifts become one big blur of battery required sound and light. Let’s face it, most kids have enough toys. I have a friend whose parents decided that they wanted their grandchildren to enjoy a gift from them year round. So, each grandchild was given a year’s enrollment in an activity of their choice.This is a fantastic gift for long distance grandparents, who can enjoy the pictures/video of the activity all year round. And it’s not a gift that will just end up in a big box for Goodwill in a few years when everyone’s grown out of it.

Best of all it’s customizable. Musical kids can get music lessons, athletic kids can take karate or swimming, or tennis lessons, there’s ballet for the girly girl and competitive marksmanship for the outdoorsy boy. It is truly a gift that keeps giving, and one that will be remembered for the rest of that child’s life.

For more helpful tips, visit Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer every Wednesday for lots of helpful “Works for Me” things.