An Odd Dilemma

Here’s an odd dilemma to be in. Two of our elementary students are facing each other in a soft-ball game on Saturday. Now the standard dilemma is: “For whom do we cheer?” They are both our students and they both want us to be at the game.

But here’s an added dimension: both teams are, um, unvictorious? That’s like undefeated, only backwards. Neither have won a single game. So it should be an interesting game.

There’s one sure thing going in: one team will leave with a perfect record – only backwards.


Joy and Grief and Rejoicing in All Things.

Amanda posted a comment inviting me to read her miracle story, because we had a lot in common. So I went over an read it. And she’s right, it is a miracle, and everyone should read it.

But I was surprised at the grief it brought out in me. Last September I wanted her story to be my story and it wasn’t. I am so thankful that the Lord has given me Pomegranate, and has thus far sustained her, and brought her to a point that she has a fighting chance if something would go wrong now. If Pomegranate is the only child the Lord ever lets us raise, I will praise Him for her the rest of my days!

But there is still grief over my loss in September. Reading Amanda’s story reminds me that I had the same level of faith and peace that He was going to do the same work for me that He did for her. But God didn’t, because he has different plans for different people. He had a different plan for my tiny lost child than he did for Amanda’s, and he has a different plan for Pomegranate.

So go to Amanda’s blog and read her story, and rejoice with her and Praise the Lord with us. He does work miracles and he is great and mighty in all things.