One Last Story

Here is my final Elementary Science story, but it’s a doozy.

One of the things we were learning today was “endo” vs. “ecto”. Say it with me now: “Ecto- is outside, Endo- is inside.” We repeated this several times. Then I asked for an example of an ectoparasite and they all said “Flea or Tick”. I asked for an example of an endoparasite, and they all said “tapeworm.” I thought we had it!

So I asked the question, “And ectoskeleton is on the . . .” “OUTSIDE” they yelled. “And an endoskeleton is on the . . .” “INSIDE” they yelled.

By Jove, could it be this easy?

“So do we have an ecto, or endo skeleton?” I asked. All but one yelled “ENDO”. The one who had yelled “ECTO” with great gusto, turned to the rest of the class with disgust.

“We don’t keep our skeletons inside! We keep them outside, in graveyards.”

I swear, it’s a true story. I just about snorted water out of my nose.


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