I know it’s the worst picture of me ever taken, and I went through quite a bad streak in my early teens. But it has a story to go with it, and here it is:

I had a doctor’s appointment today, and I was rushed to get back in time for my High School English exam at 10. Jonathan had kindly offered to print the test and have it ready for me to go when I got to the school, so when I pulled up at 10:02 a.m., I wasn’t feeling that rushed. Jonathan took my grade book from me, and told me that the students had been cleaning up the library, waiting for me to return and administer the test. He said, “Just go on in, and let them know you’re back.”

So when they yelled surprise, this is what my face did.

The students and staff had planned a baby shower! Jonathan and Kathy had given them their English exam while I was at the doctor’s office (which is why Jonathan had offered to print it for me and have it ready to go.) and then they cleaned and decorated the library and waited for me to return.

Because Kathy has three kids, Patti has two and Mr. Hucks has two, the decision was for this to be a diaper shower. What a tremendous blessing! We received a grand total of 938 diapers size 1 and 2, along with other awesome gifts, like a cow that moos and a pink “Dale Earnhardt Jr.” hat.

They decorated with crepe paper streamers and pink “It’s a girl” helium balloons and a cake that read “Welcome Baby Cowan”. It was a fantastic surprise!

My first baby shower! I have been a guest at more than I can count, but being the guest of honor was a tremendous amount of fun, and blessing!

So thanks to the students and staff, and to the parents who fetched diapers and wrapped them! It was awesome!