Less Than 90 Days

There are less than 90 days until Pomegranate is due. That’s less than three months. That’s not a lot of time!

Last night I woke up and started thinking about everything that needed to be done between now and August. Needless to say, I couldn’t go back to sleep. While I lay there, Pomegranate began kicking, as if to say, “Hey, I can’t sleep either.” I reached down, and began stroking my belly, when Jonathan rolled over and asked “She can’t sleep either?” So the whole family was awake at three thirty this morning.

One of the things we have been pursuing lately is purchasing a house. We live in a roughly 800 sq. ft. rented apartment with two bedrooms right now, and 1/3 or more of our belongings are in storage. We’ve found a house that interests us, but it would require some work. We met with a mortgage company today, and they recommended that we seek a construction loan, and re-finance into a proper mortgage once the work has been completed.

What we need right now is this (we’d appreciate your prayers on these things):

  1. Our offer on the house to be accepted
  2. Approval for both construction and mortgage very quickly
  3. All financing and renovations to be completed within 60 days in order to be in the house before Pomegranate vacates her current residency.

So we’re just praying that these things come together. If they don’t, God doesn’t want us to have this house, but so far everything is moving in a positive direction.


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