It’s All About Perspective

Lately I’ve been considering changing my name to Thundathighs Blubberbutt of the Flah B. Arms – or something similar. Despite my doctor assuring me that while I don’t need to lose control, I’m not in a dangerous weight area – that most of my weight is “water weight” – I have been feeling flabby. Maybe it’s the fact that when I put on most of my maternity shirts, I end up looking like Homer Simpson. Maybe it’s the stretch marks on my hips and thighs. Maybe it’s the puffy fingers and ankles at the end of a hot day. I don’t know, all I know is that I feel a little like I can be seen from space.

So imagine how good I felt yesterday when THREE individual ladies told me that I looked like I was carrying all of my baby out front, and I had just “rounded out” a little everywhere else. YAY! I’ll have another picture soon (one that doesn’t involve someone shouting “surprise”) so you can judge for yourself. But for now, I’m basking a little – until I have to try to shave my legs again that is.

Works For Me: Rewards for Online Shopping

As I have posted before, I love to shop online. One of the things that turned me on to shopping online as much as I do, was my introduction to MyPoints. MyPoints is an online rewards program. Every time you shop at one of the participating stores, you receive points that can be redeemed in real money gift cards from participators.
There are hundreds of participating stores, so by shopping just as you normally would, you accumulate “free money” at a store of your choice.

Here’s an example of how it “worked for me”:

Last September, my Board of Realtors changed MLS software to a web based program, and my broker wired his office for wireless internet, rather than running wires to every desk, so I needed a wireless capable laptop that could travel between school, Real Estate and home. I had planned to purchase it through Dell, with a National Association of Realtor’s discount. Dell is also a MyPoints member, so the purchase earned me a lot of points. A small portion of them fetched me a free $50 gift card at Bass Pro Shop for my husband for Christmas. Free money, on a purchase I would have already made.

In case you’re wondering, MyPoints has not asked me to write a review of their service. I just like it, and it really works for me.

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