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May Write-Away Contest: When Paths Cross

I missed April’s Write Away Contest, but I’m back with May’s. The theme is travel, and here is my entry.

In the winter of 1988, three brothers traveled north more than 700 miles to visit their sister and brother-in-law. While they were there it snowed, and they took trash can lids outside and used them as sleds. All the locals watched them, shook their heads, and muttered about the “silly southern island boys.” Less than an hour’s drive away, a young woman was going about her life, oblivious to the silly invaders.

In the summer of 1990, that same young woman, and her family, packed their car and headed south on a family vacation. On that trip she turned 16, and because she had been counting down the days to that momentous date, her Dad took her to test for her driving learner’s permit. In her first trip as a legal driver, she drove the family to their next destination – a forestry museum in the same town, on the same island, from which those silly southern Island boys had departed two years before. They were as oblivious to her stop in their town as she had been to theirs.

In 1992 the middle brother went to college for a year in Calgary, Alberta. That winter, the young woman spent a week in Calgary on a drama/mission team. Their paths never crossed.

In September of 1993, the young woman stepped from a car and ran, with tears in her eyes, into her college. There she literally bumped into the middle island brother before carrying on to find her sister. Their paths had finally crossed.

That school year, as they got to know one another, they began to realize how often they had “almost met” throughout their lives. They had been to so many of the same places, and often at similar times, but never the right places, and never the right times, until now.

Over the summer of 1994, they traveled to Mexico on a missions trip. They battled Montezuma’s Revenge, heat stroke, migraines, and soccer wounds. In the end, they reached the conclusion that what they really wanted was for all of their trips to be together from now on.

So the boy made another 700 mile journey and asked her Dad for her hand.

Since we married in 1995, we have traveled through 25 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and all of the Canadian provinces except Newfoundland. In July of 1998, we moved 2500 miles from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to middle Georgia. We have traveled for weddings, funerals, missions trips, conventions, other people’s new babies, and just for fun. We have taken planes, boats and automobiles, driven dirt roads and interstates, slept on concrete floors, in $35/night hotels, and in fancy convention Marriott’s. And we’ve done it all together. Once our paths finally did cross, they got tangled, and now they’re one road, with the same destination.

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