I’ve posted my maternity clothing woes here before, and it struck me that the two women who have contributed the vast majority of my (free) maternity wardrobe read this blog, and I’m sounding like fat girl whiny pants over here. I am *so thankful* for the maternity clothes I have, and for the limited expense I have had to have a full wardrobe.

I just found, online and on clearance, (double woohoo) two maternity tanks from Old Navy. These two shirts are going to seriously multiply my maternity wardrobe, because I am able to wear the tank under non maternity button down shirts! (triple woohoo) They come all the way down over the stretch fabric on the maternity pants/capris/shorts and have a built in shelf bra. (Sorry if that’s an over share Dad.) This means all of my free maternity pants/capris/shorts will be cycled through more shirts!

Today I’m wearing a brown tank under a pink button down, and the girls at school gave it their thumbs up seal of approval. So I’m set for a hot pregnant summer, and apparently I’ll look “stylin’ ” while I’m at it.


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2 responses to “Stylin’

  • oh amanda

    I’m still wearing tanks under all my clothes! My favorite!

  • Anonymous

    Saw your comment at BooMama, I love frozen chicken cordon bleu (the kiev’s okay, great with spaghetti or leftover heated spag) too! I serve this to company ALL the time, usually we have company after church and it’s so easy to throw this in the oven. I usually buy Barber Foods, you can call the company and get coupons.


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