A Little of Me, A Little of Him, All Her

Yesterday was the beginning of Summer Break, and the date of our 4-d ultrasound. When we arrived, the ultrasonographer asked if Pomegranate was ready to cooperate with having her picture made. We had no idea she was serious – and Pomegranate wasn’t.
Apparently Pomegranate has inherited, from the womb, her father’s aversion to having pictures taken. At one point she actually put her hand over her face:

She kept wriggling out of the picture, and squirming away from us, and then, as if to prove that she’s not just her daddy’s girl, she actually put her foot into her mouth. This is obviously a reflection of my contribution to her life (the poor girl):
But, after almost an hour, she turned and gave us a little look at most of her face:

The “bubbles” on the left side of the picture are the umbilical cord – she likes to keep her food source close. And that’s her feet heading back to her mouth.

If I can figure a way to edit the DVD, and upload it, I’ll have some moving shots of her. If not, you’ll just have to bring small tokens or food to either set of her grandparents and convince them to show you the copied DVD.

All in all, it’s a little odd. She’s with me ALL THE TIME, but I sort of miss her. These little glimpses make me really look forward to being able to see her little movements, and facial expressions, and watch her personality develop. Don’t you just want to stroke those little chubby cheeks, and tickle the little (drool covered) toes? Maybe that’s just a mother talking.


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  1. Oh, Coralie! She’s beautiful and I know exactly what you mean about missing her! Thanks for sharing.

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