Stop. Now Go. Now Stop, Go. Stop. Go. Aaacck

Today we met a guy to give us a quote on new windows. Two hours later, we were back at Lowe’s looking at counter tops, again, and now we’re home. It’s also our third day of “the bank should be calling you some time today” about the construction loan.

So as we were walking through Lowe’s, I told Jonathan that I just feel like everything is moving TOO SLOWLY! He looked at me like I was a crazy person, and said that he’s feeling as if he’s trying to cram several weeks worth of activity into each day. He’d like it to slow down.

I think the difference is this: I feel Pomegranate growing every day. Yesterday, I felt like saying to her “I don’t think there’s enough room in this skin for the two of us.” Her arrival feels imminent to me.

Jonathan, on the other hand, is living with a CRAZY WOMAN who wants to move a baby into a house that we don’t even completely own yet, and everybody wants everything from him RIGHT NOW, if not yesterday, and it’s only the third day of summer break, and he’s been busier these three days than when he wasn’t on break.

So if you don’t mind, please pray that we’ll get a yay or nae on the construction loan, so we can begin doing things like ordering cabinets, counter tops, windows and fixtures. And so that we can schedule a closing and plan our construction time. And if you don’t mind, pray for Jonathan, because he’s the one living with the CRAZY PREGNANT WOMAN.

Works For Me: Leftover Pizza

This kitchen tip really works for me, and I think could benefit a lot of busy wives and mothers who are looking for ways to “re-serve” leftovers without it looking like warmed over “yesterday.”

Here’s what I do. When I go grocery shopping, I always swing by the frozen pizza section. Very frequently, the different brands offer have sales on cheese pizzas – 3 for $7 is a common sale. If a sale is being offered I pick some up and keep them in my freezer.

Here comes the leftover parts: any leftover meat tastes good on pizza. Only one or two leftover hamburgers? Crumble them up, put them on the pizza, toss a little grated cheese on the top, and cook according to the directions. You’ve just fed four people one or two leftover hamburgers. It works for chicken, turkey, ham, even barbecue pork tastes good as pizza.

This even works for breakfast leftovers. Some leftover scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage, bell pepper and a little cheese makes a really good breakfast pizza. Leftover bacon and sausage from breakfast makes a great lunch or supper pizza. Add a salad, some garlic bread and no one feels like they’re eating leftovers.

This is also a great quick meal when you’re tempted to order something in. It’s just as quick, and a whole lot cheaper, and because you put on it what you want, it tastes better. All of those factors makes this work for me.

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