I Just Knew It!

In the summer of 1995 my Parents-in-law sold their 3000+ sq. ft. farm house with 8 lake front acres, and bought a 1200 sq. ft. ocean view cottage as their retirement home.

“It will be nice to own a home we aren’t continually working on.” They said.

“We’ll believe that when we see it.” Replied all five of their children.

By Christmas they had moved the kitchen into the master bedroom, and the master bedroom into the kitchen, added a master bath, and a bath in the basement. They haven’t quit working on it since.

So when we began talking about renovating (for a second time) and Jonathan began talking to his Dad about some of our ideas, I was pleased, because these people have made home renovations into an art. I did, however, warn Jonathan that at some point, his parents are going to suggest that we make the master bedroom the kitchen, and the kitchen the master suite.

Roughly ten minutes ago, in the middle of a conversation with his parents, I heard this comment come from my husband’s mouth: “I’m not going to move the kitchen!” I just knew it!

They have made some fantastic suggestions, including some logistical things we hadn’t considered at all. They are, and will continue to be, a great resource. It’s just that, well, us thirty-somethings aren’t as adventurous as those retired folks.