Out of the Mouths of Babes

I’ve mentioned my good friend Terri several times here. She has two beautiful daughters who are
eagerly anticipating the arrival of baby Pomegranate. They already have big plans for her – the youngest is really hoping Pomegranate will be able to hit the pinata at her birthday (in December, when Pomegranate will be 4 months old or so) and the oldest has great plans to teach Pomegranate to put girl germs on her Daddy. Both of them, and their Mama, keep offering to babysit, as soon as possible.

So these girls are very invested in my pregnancy. Last week I was showing their parents houses, and the girls were having fun poking Mr. Jonathan. As I walked past, the youngest looked up and Jonathan and said, “Mr. Jonathan, Ms. Coralie is . . . um . . . well she’s walking kind of funny.” At this she hemmed and hawed, and tried to find several ways to say what she was trying to say. Finally she said, “She’s walking like a penguin.”