A Busy Day

Well, it’s been a busy day of learning things.

Today I learned that windows are the most expensive thing in a house. If I ever go on a crime spree, I’m stealing vinyl windows. And maybe solid surface counter tops – but the windows would be easier to move.

Today I learned that stupid advertising jingles can ruin a perfectly good nap. I lay down for a quick nap in between one house appointment and another, and the stupid Diet Pepsi song “Well, research shows that 54% of diet cola drinkers think that Diet Pepsi has more cola taste.” kept running through my head. In a weird and convoluted dream someone kept singing it on a loop while thirty people stormed my new home, serving sweet tea and mango bourbon (is there such a thing?) to my tea-total parents, while my dad carved a dead tree into a totem pole.

Today I learned that the little girl who told Jonathan that I was walking like a penguin would much rather move into my new house, than her new house – despite the fact that her new house already has a new kitchen, refinished floors, and two bathrooms. My house has an upstairs. She LOVES the upstairs.

Today I learned that friends of ours who are roughly 16 weeks pregnant just learned that they are having a boy. Their 2 year old son is very disappointed, and is insisting on calling the baby “Claire”. I hope that doesn’t continue once the baby is born. They could have a “boy named Sue” (or Claire) situation on their hands. I told them both boys could come over and play with Pomegranate.


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One response to “A Busy Day

  • Becky

    Congratulations on your anniversary AND your pregnancy. I kinda know how you are feeling. My husband and I were infertile for 7 years until we had our two boys, now ages 6 and 4!

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