Me? Really? Cool!

I use the blog service “Bloglines” which lets me know who has updated their blog and who hasn’t. One of the things it does is tells me how many other people have subscribed to the same blog. Today I logged on, and noticed than on my blog, this very humble little corner of blogdom, there are now 2 subscribers! That makes one more than me!

So I clicked on them. And not only am I among eleventy billion blogs (okay, 102, which might as well be eleventy billion) this person reads, this person has me filed under . . . “Mommy Bloggys”.

Hot diggity! I’m a mommy blogger!

So Purplesahm, (otherwise known as Oh Amanda – if you missed my post on her blog, go here and read her amazing story.), you have made my week, not just with the subscription, but also for grouping me in with the Mommy’s – a grouping even a year ago I never thought I would qualify for!


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After 11 years of infertility, I am now a mother to three, a wife of a Presbyterian (ARP) preacher and a struggling homemaker. Welcome to my little corner of the net. Kick off your shoes, put your feet up and join the conversation. View all posts by Coralie

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