Because I Care

Monday morning Jonathan had a doctor’s appointment. His cholesterol is getting too close to the high range, he weighs a tad too much, and he needs to get that under control. Strict orders from our family doctor.

Diet is the key, he tells us. Jonathan’s heart rate is fine, his blood pressure is fine, so it’s not an issue of exercise. It’s all about food. And that makes it all about me.

This is how much I care. Yesterday, for lunch, I served a bacon omelet. I didn’t even consider what I was doing until we had both eaten it. In some countries I could be tried for spousal abuse, or attempted murder!

Here’s the worst part: in the fridge I had Ziploc baggies of neatly sliced vegetables, a bag of Romaine lettuce and Jonathan’s two favorite salad dressings. I had two crates of fresh strawberries, some fresh cherries and cubed watermelon. In fact I had to push aside the cherries to get the eggs for the omelet.

So I’m thinking I need to adjust my view on food A LOT in a HURRY, not just so that my husband lives long enough to enjoy his daughter (and Lord willing, grandchildren) but also so that my daughter doesn’t break the record for youngest person ever to be put on cholesterol medication.

No, don’t call Family and Children’s services (please), just pray for my family. Please. I’m trying.