Big Stretches.

Another WebMD quote about being 30 weeks pregnant:

Baby is performing fewer acrobatics as conditions in the womb become more cramped, but still doing a lot of kicking and stretching.

The fact is, it feels like she’s getting more cramped. The rapid fire kicks and big rolls have given way to stretches and some lazier kicks, mostly at night, aimed at the side I’m sleeping on. The weirdest feeling is the big stretch. I can feel a pressure low on my belly, and I can see a bulge push out on the top right, just under my ribcage.

She’s more likely to stretch just after I’ve eaten, I assume because a full stomach gives her less room. She’s more likely to kick if I have something resting against my belly. For instance, at the moment, the computer is sitting on my lap, and in order to type, my arms are pressing lightly against the sides of my belly. Periodically, I get a kick aimed at one side, or the other.

So I’m left feeling, that as I get more and more ready to see her little face, and have her arrive, she must be feeling ready (in as much as she can at this age) to have a little more room, and get a “bigger room” of her own.


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