I Have So Much to Learn

The ladies in my church are giving me a shower on June 16th. You’re all invited. 🙂 Seriously, I’m very excited about it. My sister will be there, and she’s bringing her oldest daughter “the Princess” with her. It will be the Princess’ first baby shower. Other than her own, but she doesn’t have any memories of that.

Because of this, today I spent two hours at Target, registering for baby things. I pointed the little gun at bar codes, and clicked away. Here’s the problem with registering: I don’t want to look too greedy, and register for so much everyone feels obligated to buy huge expensive gifts, but I don’t want to look too picky, and only register for a few things.

Here’s the other problem: I’ve never had a baby before. Do I need three onesies, or thirty? I’m thinking somewhere in the middle, but I just don’t know exactly where. And what about sippy-cups? Four? Two? Twelve? I thought I wanted a Diaper Genie, but they take special bag refills, so I registered for the Baby Trend Diaper Champ. Seems like a good idea, but how do I know?

And here’s another thing: what kind of car seat do we want? Do I want an infant seat, or a convertible seat?

And strollers: my Mom and Dad want to buy us a stroller (awesome) but I don’t know what kind I want! I looked at all of the strollers in the store, and they all had those hard plastic wheels that felt a little like a Barbie Jeep. But Jonathan says that rubber tires will just puncture. This one seems like a good option to me, but how do I really know what I want until she arrives?

Anyway, I went through all of that while I was pointing and scanning at Target. After two hours I carried the gun back to customer service, feeling a lot overwhelmed, a little like I had gone way overboard, and scanned way too much, and everyone would think I was a little princess with unrealistic expectations.

I got to Customer Service and turned over the gun. She looked at it, looked back at me, and said “You didn’t scan much.” So at the very least, all I know that there are other princess out there with larger unrealistic expectations than mine.


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7 responses to “I Have So Much to Learn

  • The Goddess

    Unless you plan to carry bricks in your diaper bag, the inflatable tires won’t puncture. After all, how often do bicycle tire puncture, when a 175lb person rides them. Baby will weigh about 40lbs tops when she stops riding in the stroller…

    (And I felt exactly the same when I registered for wedding gifts. I think you probably need a warm bath now.)

  • Coralie

    It’s 85 degrees here (30 C) so warm bath doesn’t seem so appealing. I rewarded myself with ice cream. I know, more fattening.

  • a suburban housewife

    Baby girl is due in August- you can NEVER have too many onesies 🙂 Good call about the Diaper Genie. We had one with Harrison, and it doesn’t seem to keep the offensive odor “in.” Regarding the carseat, go to the local fire department and ask what brand they recommend. After all, they often see the worst results from inefficient carseats (Daniel might be able to help). Receiving blankets are a MUST; they double as a burp cloth in a pinch.

    Sippy cups? Five is a good, round number for now- that’s a bit down the road. Hope this helps:)

  • Coastal

    Well, I have punctured a tire on our stroller, twice, but that’s because blackberry bushes grow like weeds in our neighbourhood and I take Tweetie with the dogs on trails. I also have a little umbrella stroller with the hard plastic wheels. Great for mobility (doesn’t take nearly so much room in the car) but I’ve grown quite accustomed to my big rubber tires, and I get hung up on the smallest lip of a curb (just about gone right over her more than once 😉

    I found it really hard to know what I’d need before she arrived. I started with a little of everything from my shower and filled in from there.

    The other thing to consider with the car seat is how well it fits in your car. Among the moms I know, that was the biggest factor (sometimes, necessarily, the only one), especially when it came to the convertible seat.

  • jul

    i’m sending you LOTS of onesies so keep that in mind hehe, and I’m doing it while it’s still called TODAY

  • oh amanda

    Oh! Isn’t registering the worst? I think I was in BRU for 4 hours. I thought I was going to cry!

    btw…I’m checking out your registry now!

  • kardel

    I stumbled onto your blog somehow and thought I would let you know that the diaper champ is very good. Don’t expect it to be odor free all the time. (Think about what’s going in there.) But it does work well and you don’t need the special bags.

    “The First Years” has THE ONLY sippy cup I’ll use. It has a cap to go over the spout, it doesn’t have a “valve” that you can lose and it really does not leak. You won’t need those for a while. Have you thought about what bottle system you will be using? (Even if you’re nursing, you might need a bottle every once in a while.) I used playtex with the disposable liners. You can get all of the air out of them and it’s easier clean up. Also, if you get any pacifiers dont get latex. Get only the clear silicone.

    I prefered the infant seat that doubles as a carrier. I used the carrier until my kids were hanging out of both ends. It keeps them safe and contained when you go out and I think they were happier in it than being held (like at the store or out to eat). It doubles as a place to nap if you’re out, it rocks on the floor and you can use it with some of the strollers too! (It snaps into the ones we had.) When they get too big for that, then you get the car seat for bigger babies/kids. The stroller you picked looks nice too.

    Did you register for a Boppy? That was really helpful for me in many many ways.

    Read lots of reviews like from Babies R Us. I learned that the hard way after I got a baby bath tub that I hated.

    I know this is long, but you asked. Anything else I can give you too much information about?

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