Daily Archives: May 29, 2007

Growth Spurt

I find myself wondering if it is possible to actually run out of room in your skin before the baby stops growing. The last two days it has felt as if Pomegranate is trying to hatch from my abdomen. It’s as if she’s growing faster than the skin can stretch (and the copious stretch marks are ample evidence that my skin is, indeed, stretching) and at some point my skin will just split down the center and my daughter will emerge victorious like a new born chick from an egg.

Or a new born dinosaur, or some such hatching animal.

I know this won’t, in fact, happen. It just FEELS like it will happen.


You Savvy?

Saturday afternoon we went on a date, and saw a matinée showing of Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End.

First: it is REALLY LONG. After previews and commercials, you’ll be sitting there for more than 3 hours. So go to the bathroom before you sit down, and don’t order the large Coke.

The movie itself surprised me. This is not the campy teen comedy that “Curse of the Black Pearl” was. Oh sure, Jack Sparrow is still slightly high and bandy legged. He still has his one liners and his eye liner. But the opening scene of the movie is the mass hanging of hundreds of pirates and pirate supporters, including a singing little boy. The first 25 minutes of the movie look disturbing like “Les Miserables” of the Caribbean and Singapore. It’s darker, and more intense than the two before. Which makes it a better film overall. But don’t bring your ten year old.

The plot is essentially a continuation of the second one. If you can’t remember who ended up with Davy Jones’ heart, or what happened to the Kraken at the end of Dead Man’s Chest, you may want a refresher before this one. I was slightly confused for a few moments until it came back to me.

There are a couple of surprise deaths, a creative wedding ceremony and a fantastic performance by Chow Yun Fat. The meeting of the nine Pirate lords is very entertaining, and twice, the screen is completely filled with hallucinated Jack Sparrows, which is as much a tribute to Johnny Depp’s acting, as to CGI technology.

In all, I enjoyed this movie far more than I enjoyed Dead Man’s Chest, and in a completely different way than I enjoyed Curse of the Black Pearl. It feels as if the franchise has grown up a little, and the ending offered an opportunity for another, completely different, installment. So go see it, or rent it.

Just remember: this isn’t a kids movie.


Yesterday you may have noticed a considerable silence in the way of blogging/e-mailing/ commenting from this household. You may have assumed that it was because we were out in the sunshine grilling away poolside with friends and their families, or you may have thought that we were taking a day of silence to honor those who have served in war. None of the above. (although that last one does sound noble, doesn’t it?) It was because yesterday morning, just after I posted my little thought on Memorial Day, our internet service disappeared, not to re-appear until this morning.


Well, my phone worked. But that’s not the point. Every time I thought of something that needed doing, I realized that the internet was an integral component. I was thrown off all day.

Periodically, like a lost puppy dog, I would wander into the computer room, reset the cable modem, reset the router, and stare, hopefully at the computer screen. Every time (including at 10:00 last night, more than 12 hours since the problem began) the message came up: “there is a temporary interruption in your service at the server. It will soon be resolved. Please turn off your computer and restart it in a few moments.”

Oh well, it’s fixed now. I guess even cable internet geeks need to have holidays.