Yesterday you may have noticed a considerable silence in the way of blogging/e-mailing/ commenting from this household. You may have assumed that it was because we were out in the sunshine grilling away poolside with friends and their families, or you may have thought that we were taking a day of silence to honor those who have served in war. None of the above. (although that last one does sound noble, doesn’t it?) It was because yesterday morning, just after I posted my little thought on Memorial Day, our internet service disappeared, not to re-appear until this morning.


Well, my phone worked. But that’s not the point. Every time I thought of something that needed doing, I realized that the internet was an integral component. I was thrown off all day.

Periodically, like a lost puppy dog, I would wander into the computer room, reset the cable modem, reset the router, and stare, hopefully at the computer screen. Every time (including at 10:00 last night, more than 12 hours since the problem began) the message came up: “there is a temporary interruption in your service at the server. It will soon be resolved. Please turn off your computer and restart it in a few moments.”

Oh well, it’s fixed now. I guess even cable internet geeks need to have holidays.


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