Please Pray

Please pray for my friend Robin. She is expecting her second baby – a girl – and because she is measuring small and is lacking fluid, it looks like they are going to induce labor on June 5th – a few weeks early.

Please pray for healthy mother and daughter. Please pray for peace for mama, daddy, and big brother. Please pray for wisdom on the part of the doctor and hospital staff.

I’ll keep you posted on her progress.


Happy Announcement

Regular visitors here will remember my friends, the Rohkohls. If not, click on the link at the top of the side bar to read their story.

I am very happy to announce that they have GOOD NEWS to report to the world.

Their third son, Elias Jonathan was born yesterday afternoon at 1:53 in the afternoon.

He was 8lb 3oz and 19 1/2 inches. Both baby and mama are doing well.

We rejoice with them and this beautiful blessing.

Works For Me: Baking Soda

Okay, most of you probably have a grasp on this one, but it’s works for ME Wednesday, so if nothing more it will give you an insight into my psyche. I always have boxes and boxes of baking soda in my house. It serves so many purposes.

  • Mild Abrasive cleaner – It hasn’t scratched anything I’ve cleaned with it, but it has cleaned it off. It has worked for everything from dishes to lawn and garden cleaning.
  • Odor remover – yes, in the refrigerator, but also in the laundry. Have some laundry that sat and got musty? Add baking soda in with your regular detergent and that mustiness comes right out. This is especially good for seasonal clothes. They’re not dirty, they’re just musty. Wash them with baking soda and they’re good as new.
  • Have a hunter in your house? Don’t buy the expensive “de-scent” soaps and detergents. Baking soda will do the job with no U.V. brighteners (apparently that’s important to hunters.)
  • Carpet saver – poor large amounts of baking soda onto a fresh wet carpet spill. It will pull the spill into the powder allowing you to vacuum it away. It has to be done while the spill is still wet or it won’t work. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming to bring out cooking and general life odors.
  • Vegetable cleaner – there are a lot of products out there to clean wax and pesticides from vegetables. I use baking soda. I’ve used it on everything from grapes to cucumber. It doesn’t bruise or abrade the skin, and it’s non-toxic.
  • Toothpolish – We use toothpaste here, but there have been times I have had unexpected “overnight” stays (when we lived 50 miles from our church, job and friends) and baking soda does a much better job than toothpaste on the finger. Because it’s slightly abrasive it actually cleans the teeth. It doesn’t taste good, but it works well. It’s also a good way to whiten teeth. Use it alongside your favorite toothpaste.
  • Cooking – Yeah, it’s called baking soda because it’s used for baking. I put it in cookies when recipes call for it.

For more helpful tips, visit Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer every Wednesday for lots of helpful “Works for Me” things.