Big Box O’ Blessing

Look what was waiting for me today. Okay, it didn’t look like THIS when it was waiting for me. UPS is all sorts of picky about things being in boxes when they deliver them. This is what it looked like after I sorted it all into piles of similar things.

On the red chair are sleepers. Then there’s a pile of bottoms, and a pile of onesies (a lot more than 3). Beside the onesies are pantsuits and short suits, and behind them are little dresses. In front of the ottoman are matched outfits and on top of the ottoman are hats, hair bands, bibs, blankets, (baby accessories). In the very front is outer wear, and then there’s a pile of shoes.

Jul, a woman I have never met, sent me this big box of baby clothes, a few of which even have the original tags on them. She did it because she reads my blog, and she is a fellow believer and she just wanted to bless us. She just blessed my socks off! I spent the afternoon pulling things from the box, and cooing over them and saying things to my long suffering husband like “Isn’t that the most adorable thing?” and “Oh look at the little socks!”