Yard Work: Before and After

Two guys from our church – a father and son – came over and worked in our yard for two days.

Here is the yard before:

and here is the yard after:

You can see there is some overlap in the pictures.
How awesome is that? That’s a yard that will hear “Go outside and play.” You can guarantee it!


5 Questions

Shannon, over at Rocks in my Dryer posted a five random questions meme, and I thought that I would post my answers to the last four, just because there’s just not enough random information about me on this blog. 🙂

2. What’s the most nerve-racking “close call” you’ve ever had? – I think we’re in the middle of it. Renovating a house 35 days before the due date of your first born HAS to qualify as a nerve wracking close call. Only time will tell how close exactly.

3. Name 5 features your ultimate dream house would have. – Right now I’m tempted to say “it would be finished.” But seriously, when we talk about our dream house, we always talk about building a monolithic dome home. It would have big round doors and windows and look like a hobbit house on the outside. But the inside would have tree trunk pillars and look like Rivendell. It would also have a glass wall waterfall.

4. Who is the most influential non-relative in your life. – Hmmm. This is really hard. I think that I’d have to say Randy Friesen. He was the director of a small mission organization. He interviewed me while I was in college, and accepted me into a drama/mission team touring Canada in the winter of 1993. Over that winter tour, the Lord transformed my heart and called me to himself. It changed my view of ministry, which eventually led me to marry Jonathan. So yeah, I think Randy would have to rank.

5. What non-physical feature would you most like to change about yourself. – I’d get rid of my rebellious nature. Instantly, because God’s not doing it quick enough 🙂 Maybe I’d grow some patience too?

My Shower

Well, it was two weeks ago that I had my shower. So it’s about time that I posted those promised pictures isn’t it?

Here is the cake, with a close up of the top. One of the ladies in the church made everything, including the top, by hand!

Here I am with all of my gifts. It’s a little hard to tell real details from this picture, but I was so blessed by all the beautiful gifts I was given.

Here I am with my sister. She’s the cute skinny one who didn’t need help getting up after this picture was taken. 🙂

And finally, this is me, with my sister and her two daughters. In the sake of internet safety, I blurred out the faces of the Princess and the Baby. The Baby is reaching for her sister’s ponytail in this picture. This is also a view of my pregnant belly at 33 weeks.

Everybody Laugh With Us Now

Last Monday I found out I needed to send a piece of correspondence to my parents very quickly. We looked at all of our options, because my parents live in what is know as a “remote delivery area.” (translation: most city dwellers don’t even know their town exists)

In fact UPS said “where?” when we put in their postal code, so they took themselves out of the running. In the end, we had to pick between FedEx, DHL, and the United States Postal Service. DHL guaranteed delivery within a week, as did the United States Postal Service. FedEx was more expensive, but guaranteed that the envelope sent on Monday evening would arrive Thursday evening. So we shelled out the bucks for Fed Ex.

To make a VERY long story short, it was shipped to Ft. St. John (486 miles away from them, and in the wrong direction) then it was shipped backed to Vancouver to be resorted and sent back to them. Three different delivery dates were promised and missed, and we found out that they don’t even deliver to my parent’s town. They subcontract out their deliveries.

Today, a week after it was supposed to arrive, the envelope arrived at my parent’s home. Guess who the subcontract courier was? Yup. DHL. That is called irony right there.


So Amanda over at Oh Amanda who opened my eyes to how many women in the blogosphere have struggled with infertility and survived, just hit me with a way cool (and my first) award. One of the great things about the internet is that someone who is dressed as I am today (let’s just say I’m hardly the picture of classiness and suave fashionistaness) can still win a “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” award, because no one on the internet can see me!

So Amanda handed out several of these, but I was honored to receive the second nod of her post – and the wordiest. In fact, she apologized for the wordiness of my paragraph, but I must say, that if the topic is me, feel free to go on and on. (just kidding)

It seems that I get to pass this award forward. It was a very difficult decision, but in the end I decided I could hand it out to everyone, or narrow it down to one. So I narrowed it down to one. I think when you read it, you’ll know why.

I choose to award Sarah (Thing One to her family) as a Rockin Girl Blogger. First, because she is the youngest female blogger on my blogroll, secondly, because she just participated in a violin recital, and finally, she tagged me with my first meme, so I feel the need to reciprocate some bloggy, linkage love.

That being said: Jul, Coastal, Goddess (Sarah’s mom), and Suburban Housewife are also very rockin girl bloggers.

So Many Decisions, So Little TIme, So Much Driving

While the men are doing a fantastic job of reinforcing floors, framing in the laundry closet and new bathroom, installing wiring and plumbing – you know, all of the highly functional, not so pretty jobs – my job is to decide what floor tile, paint color, lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware we want.

For most women this would be a fun, delightful experience of wandering through paint chip aisles, and the IKEA lighting department. I have three things going against me on this task, however:

1. I’m the size of a small hippo, and just setting foot in any store with concrete floors (and ALL of the required stores have concrete floors) makes my ankles do their puffer fish imitation.

2. My husband is an artist. When I pick a wall color he’ll say something to me like “I think that’s too cool. Try something less ashy, and a little more bisque.” It will leave me saying “huh?”

3. I’m slightly color and fashion challenged. I’d rather be running the plumbing or electrical.

But I’m about to sit down and examine the paint chips, and then I’m going to examine the lighting on IKEA’s website, because that’s the kind of loving wife I am. 🙂