Or Am I Just Weird?

O. K. we all know that I am weird, but I’m wondering if I’m weird in this one particular thing. I only wonder because I’ve done a Google and WebMD search and haven’t found anything.

I know it is common later in pregnancy to experience difficulty sleeping because of belly comfort logistics. I’m having a hard time with hip pain. Around 3:00 every morning, I’m waking up from strong pain in my left hip. After I lie flat on my back for 15 – 20 minutes, I can usually sleep on my right side for a few more hours, but it takes a couple hours of walking around in the morning to really get over it.

I’ve tried the diagram in all the books – pillow between the legs, and a smaller one under the belly. That has actually made the pain worse. I haven’t found anything to really help with it. Did anyone else have this problem later in pregnancy? If so, what worked for you?

Even “What to Expect . . .” doesn’t have anything on hips. It has leg and lower back pain, but nothing about hips, and really nothing about pain during sleep, which I thought was odd, until I couldn’t find it anywhere else either. So, any suggestions or helpful tips? I appreciate it.


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2 responses to “Or Am I Just Weird?

  • oh amanda

    My hips always hurt. I always thought it was because I was sleeping on my side…my shoulders hurt a lot, too. But one thing that helped me was to sit in the bed with a few pillows behind me, and sit with the palms of your feet (is that what they’re called?) together and just let your knees hang down as far to the bed as you can. Does that make sense? I know it’s a pose in yoga or pilates or ballet or something. Anyway, it just really opens up your hips. I could sleep that way. Or try any hip opener exercise. I know there are tons in pilates. HTH!

  • jul

    You’re not weird. Hips can get achy and painful due to all the stretching muscles and ligaments. Try taking a hot bath before bed, and if you can afford it, a memory foam bed topper did wonders for me during my last pregnancy. You can get them for around $60 dollars in low end department stores.

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