They’ll Be Coming Through the Mountains When They Come

Well, for only the second time in nine years, my sister and her husband and their four (adorable, beautiful, amazingly brilliant) children are coming for a visit. Actually, the kids have never been here, because the last time my sister and brother-in-law made it to our part of Georgia, they didn’t have any children. But in just 74 1/2 hours we will be meeting them in North Carolina.

While the men attend a conference for a couple of days, my sister, her kids and I will be vacationing in a cabin in the North Georgia mountains. Once the men join us, we’ll hang in the mountains for a few more days, and check out the sights, and then we’ll come back to our own part of Georgia for another ten days of local activities.

I am so looking forward to seeing them, and having them here, in my part of the world. Of course, the 96 degree (36 C) weather may be a little tough on them, so I’ll be stocking up on a lot of Popsicles and water for them. And we’ll go swimming, and try to stay cool.

But I can’t really stay cool. I’m pretty pumped about being the host and showing them around and having them here. I’m excited about more than two full weeks of chatting with my sister, with no phone bill attached!

So I won’t be around my blog for a while between now and then, and you’ll understand why. But trust me, once I get back to it, it will be filled with awesome stories about how amazingly cute and beautiful and brilliant my nephews and nieces are.


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