No, Not Dead.

Well, after a copious absence, it must feel as if I have died, or given birth very prematurely. But neither is the case. Instead, I have been actively involved in visiting with my sister and playing with her children and the occasional sight seeing expedition, because they are on vacation.

But today it is raining here. (Which is a beautiful gift from God for a parched region) So we’re going to find inside activities which gives me a reason to sit down in front of my computer. And we all know that I can’t sit at my computer without putting SOMETHING here on the blog.

I’ll be posting more details about our trip to the mountains later, but I want to leave you with this funny story.

In one of our van trips last week, the two older kids started reciting lines from the movie “The Incredibles.” All of a sudden, from the seat behind me, the Pigeon (2 1/2) pipes up with “Where is my bathing suit?” (The line in the Incredibles is “Where is my super suit?”) with perfect inflection. He sounded just like Samuel L. Jackson in the movie.


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