Why Do We Do This To Children?

Yesterday because of the rain, we took the children to Monkey Joe’s – a play place filled with inflatable play equipment. The kids bounced and slid and climbed and bounced and . . . well, you get the idea. By lunch time their hair was plastered to their foreheads with sweat, their faces were pink and flushed, and their eyes sparkled. So all in all the day was successful.

The only problem was this: at the end of the morning Monkey Joe himself showed up. Well, a guy dressed as Monkey Joe. Apparently – because my sister and I were in a scrapbooking store and didn’t actually witness this portion of the morning – the children attempted to actually climb inside the walls to get away from the large, scary, plushy Monkey man.

So this makes me wonder – what made adults think that dressing as a large plushy cartoon would be enjoyable to small children? Who came up with this idea? Why do we still do it, when children try to meld with their parents’ body parts every time one shows up? Why?

Also – why do we then wonder about those same children requiring counseling? Just a question – as a future parent. 🙂


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