Destruction Completion

Well, it is official. We have some of the hardest working, most giving friends on the planet. Not only did our church family arrive to help us, they arrived fully equipped with power tools, ladders, supplies, and even ginger snap cookies to eat with lunch!

Here is what the kitchen looked like before they started:

Here it is just before lunch:
As you can see, they’ve almost removed all of the cabinets. They are staring at the plumbing that was under the sink. The ax you see had just bent a copper pipe which was slowly spraying a fine mist on the floor. It was an easy fix.

Here you see them in the middle of the afternoon:
They’ve removed the cabinets, and decided to pull up the three layers of vinyl laid on top of 1/4 inch plywood that was sitting on top of the second sub floor.

And here is what it looked like (from the same angle as the top picture) at 5:30 pm when everyone went home.
Isn’t that awesome? They also completely tore out the nasty carpet upstairs, down to pulling – individually, by hand – the staples that had held down the underlay. They cleaned trash and old, dead insulation out of the upstairs attic storage space. They completely removed all trash from the crawl space – even to the point of raking out the dirt to be sure that they didn’t leave behind any glass or nails. They tore out the existing bathroom – including removing a two inch concrete and wire mesh based tile surround.

In short, everything we wanted removed and even more was finished today. It would have taken Jonathan weeks to do all of this work that was finished in a day! Let me tell you, if you have a better group of friends than this, I’d like to hear about it. Because I think these guys win for being a servant hearted church family!

So tomorrow at church I think they’re going to be moving a little slowly, and sitting down a little stiffly and I know they’re all going to sleep well tonight. And all so that we can build our Pomegranate nest. That’s love right there.


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One response to “Destruction Completion

  • Becky

    🙂 I’m not going to say that I have a *better* group of friends but I have experienced what you are talking about and it is awesome!! We moved across town about 4 weeks ago and on moving day the cars started pulling up and our friends had us loaded up and on our way to our new home in about 90 minutes! God bless you!

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