Still Learning

The Lord is using this renovation project to teach me a lot about myself, and my walk with the Lord.

Yesterday the real grunt work began on the house. Saturday was a hugely dramatic day, with big changes to the house, and a rapidly filling dumpster. But yesterday wasn’t as splashy. Yesterday the guys reinforced the bathroom floor with 2×8 boards, and leveled the floor in the kitchen. It’s the kind of work that needs to be done, but at the end of the day it doesn’t look that much different than when they began.

It’s foundational work. Without it, all the pretty finishing touches like paint, counter tops, tile flooring, are going to be cracked, chipped and dangerous within the month. But it’s not “sexy” work.

So this morning the Lord showed me that it’s the same way with our life in Christ. It’s not all mountain top “Elijah and Moses in the flesh” experiences. Most of our daily walk in Christ is reinforcing foundational work that allows those moments of spiritual highs to be firm and rooted in truth, instead of easily crumbling, and, frankly, dangerous. I think one of the weaknesses in Western Christianity is that we focus on the big, flashy, mountain top experiences, and we really downplay all of that important foundational work the Lord has to work in us.

So as the guys plug along at the foundational work in the house, the Lord is working the same work in us. In the end, we, and the house, will be stronger for it.


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