So Many Decisions, So Little TIme, So Much Driving

While the men are doing a fantastic job of reinforcing floors, framing in the laundry closet and new bathroom, installing wiring and plumbing – you know, all of the highly functional, not so pretty jobs – my job is to decide what floor tile, paint color, lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware we want.

For most women this would be a fun, delightful experience of wandering through paint chip aisles, and the IKEA lighting department. I have three things going against me on this task, however:

1. I’m the size of a small hippo, and just setting foot in any store with concrete floors (and ALL of the required stores have concrete floors) makes my ankles do their puffer fish imitation.

2. My husband is an artist. When I pick a wall color he’ll say something to me like “I think that’s too cool. Try something less ashy, and a little more bisque.” It will leave me saying “huh?”

3. I’m slightly color and fashion challenged. I’d rather be running the plumbing or electrical.

But I’m about to sit down and examine the paint chips, and then I’m going to examine the lighting on IKEA’s website, because that’s the kind of loving wife I am. 🙂


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