My Shower

Well, it was two weeks ago that I had my shower. So it’s about time that I posted those promised pictures isn’t it?

Here is the cake, with a close up of the top. One of the ladies in the church made everything, including the top, by hand!

Here I am with all of my gifts. It’s a little hard to tell real details from this picture, but I was so blessed by all the beautiful gifts I was given.

Here I am with my sister. She’s the cute skinny one who didn’t need help getting up after this picture was taken. 🙂

And finally, this is me, with my sister and her two daughters. In the sake of internet safety, I blurred out the faces of the Princess and the Baby. The Baby is reaching for her sister’s ponytail in this picture. This is also a view of my pregnant belly at 33 weeks.


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