OH WOW! Who Knew Shopping Could Be FUN?

I may have mentioned how little I enjoy shopping. Well, I just learned that when you have a budget of $3000.00 to buy appliances, and Sears has a 20% off sale on appliances, shopping becomes competitive. It became a “How far under budget can I go, without sacrificing quality?” competition with myself. The answer, if you care to know, is $800.00! Seriously!

Today I bought a Kenmore glass top range, a Kenmore dishwasher, a Frigidaire refrigerator, and I got an upgrade on my microwave range hood because the GE model I asked for wouldn’t be available until August. So they sold me a more expensive Kenmore model, for the same price as the GE. I know. I was pumped.

Everything is in Bisque to match the warm tones of the maple cabinets and the Baltic Brown granite counter tops. Can you tell I’m getting REALLY EXCITED ABOUT MY NEW POMEGRANATE NEST? More pictures will come soon. We’re getting to the exciting part now.


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