Holiday? What is this Holiday of Which You Speak?

All over the United States of America, good honest citizens were grilling with family, sitting by pools, lighting off fireworks and generally enjoying a flag waving good Independence Day. But at the Pomegranate nest, this was the scene:

That’s right. On their holiday, members of our church family showed up to work on our house! They framed the new bathroom, washed the brick and wood in kitchen, stripped the beautiful antique wardrobe that Pomegranate’s Grandma bought her at Goodwill, Kilzed half the kitchen, removed a superfluous electrical panel . . . in short, we did two or three days worth of work in one day because these awesome folks gave up their holiday to work on our house!

I can’t even begin to express how blessed we have been by the continued sacrificial service we have received on this project! I think only eternity will express it adequately.


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