Good Will Grandma

During the first week of their visit with us, my mother-in-law felt a little useless. She and I were unable to assist in anything around the house – it being torn apart and requiring heavy work like sledgehammers into concrete and tile. One day, as I was running to Home Depot, or Lowe’s for something the men needed, she asked me to drop her at Goodwill.

An hour later I arrived to pick her up, and as sometimes happens, my phone rang just as I walked through the doors. It was her son (my brother-in-law) calling to speak with her, and so I handed the phone to her, and began browsing myself.

I was drawn to this brown wardrobe, which was exactly what I had been seeking for the baby’s room. Just as I was falling in love with it, I noticed a “Sold” sticker on the full length mirror. “Oh well,” I thought to myself. “It’s probably for the best. I shouldn’t be refinishing a piece of furniture right now anyway. And Jonathan probably doesn’t want to put any furniture into the house.” As all of this was running through my head, I noticed that it was my name on the sold sticker.

As she finished up her conversation, and handed me the phone she eyed me with a little apprehension. See I’ve been married to her son for 12 years, but for the last 9 we’ve lived 3000+ miles away from them. Until this week, I had never been shopping with my mother-in-law. She doesn’t know my taste. She knew generally what I was looking for, but she didn’t even know how I felt about second hand furniture. She tentatively asked “What do you think?”

What did I think? I thought it was perfect for the baby’s room! I hugged her, and we giggled. She had found her purpose.

The men picked it up and took it over to the new house, with stripper, sandpaper and rubber gloves. She’s been working on it since July 4th. And it’s finished. So here’s the before picture:

and here’s the after picture:

This is the door. It’s now on the hinges, but I took the picture too early. 🙂

Do you see how it’s actual walnut, and it matches my wood floors? It looks like it was built for the room! The top smaller mirror was cracked, so rather than replacing it with a less ornate mirror, I’m going to tack some chicken wire inside the door, and put some stuffed animals inside looking out. I think that will look cute until we decide to do something else.

And I know that Pomegranate will grow up knowing that the wardrobe in her room was bought and refinished by her Grandma before she was born. I don’t need the antique road show to tell me that makes this piece of furniture priceless.


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2 responses to “Good Will Grandma

  • Terri

    Hi, Coralie! Thought I’d come out of hiding and comment (even though I see you in person). The wardrobe is beautiful and the pictures really don’t do it justice. What a lovely story.

  • oh amanda

    Can something be MORE THAN priceless? That is a great story! How sweet. And it is a great piece of furniture–I love the chicken wire idea!

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