My Pregnancy Moments Today

Well, despite the advice from Amanda and the Goddess, I did get up and run some errands. I was in Wal Mart today and the baby made a big stretch. She pushed her little behind out and used my tail bone as leverage with her hands, or her head, or something. As I gently rubbed her through my shirt and skin, a man walked up to me, put his hand on my arm and asked “Are you okay? Do you need me to call anyone?”

I assured him that I was fine. The fact that I was calmly standing in Wal Mart rubbing my belly instead of sweating and grimacing, and looking for the nearest exit would, I think, have been a pretty good indicator. But I appreciate his concern.

I’ve also been having a real problem with my phone lately. I’ve been dropping calls with full reception, not able to dial out etc. in places where Jonathan’s phone has worked just fine. So I took it in to Verizon this evening. It’s funny, but Jonathan thinks at this point in the pregnancy, with him working on the house, it would be a good idea if my phone actually worked. 🙂

I explained the problem to Verizon, and the technician consulted with the manager. Then they told me that generally, because it’s a spotty problem (meaning a lot of times my phone is still working) they would generally ask me to hold onto my phone until another one just like it arrived and they could swap out the defective one. But seeing the urgency of my need for the phone, they bumped me up to a RAZR for free. It’s a MUCH nicer phone than I had, and so far it has worked (yay) and all because I’m very, very pregnant.


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