For Such a Time As This

Today I had a neat day.

First, the Lord opened the opportunity for me to talk about His sovereignty while in the line at the Tag office to renew the registration on the truck. I’m getting the same two questions lately:

“When are you due?”


“Is this your first?”

So when asked the second question I often answer with “Yes, we prayed for her for eleven years. She’s our blessing from the Lord.” Usually I get platitudes in response and that’s the end of the conversation. But not today. Maybe it’s because we were standing in a lineup and no one had anywhere to go, but it sparked a discussion. The woman who had asked me, responded with “isn’t that great? I wonder why God does things like that?” I answered that God only does things for one reason – His glory. “Maybe one of the reasons we waited for eleven years to have her is so that I could stand here, in this line, with you, and give God glory.” I answered. I talked about how God is in the business of doing things in such a way that He is the only possible explanation. Sarah and Abraham were brought up (praise the Lord I didn’t have to wait until I was 100!) and Mary the mother of Jesus. This lead to a conversation about “coincidences.” I told them that I didn’t believe in coincidences, that I believed in the guiding hand of God’s providence. It wasn’t a great tear filled revival, but God used it to draw glory to himself. And all because of my little blessing.

Just before I left the line, the first woman told me we should name the baby Esther because she was brought into our lives “for such a time as this.” I just smiled. But I pray that she will have a great many Esther moments in her life. Moments when her very existence continues to bring glory to her Heavenly Father. I pray that she will carry with her the knowledge that we asked God for her – that she was not only wanted, but earnestly sought after. I pray that there will be innumerable times in her life that the story of her birth will point others to the One who gave her life.

I pray that she will live each moment as if she was given life “for such a time as this.”


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